LED Lighting Product Manufacturer

Looking for energy-efficient LED lighting solutions? You have certainly come to the right place! Our massive inventory of LED products include the bulb light, spot light, panel light, as well as the energy-saving LED street light and solar LED street light system. ZHENGTONG Jiaming Optoelectronics - the future is bright.

  • Development History
  • In 2010, Zhengtong Electronics Industrial Park located at Guangming New District officially came into service, and Shenzhen Zhengtong Jiaming Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. was incorporated.
    In 2009, Wang Rong (Shenzhen Municipal Party Secretary and Acting Mayor) visited our company.
    In 2008, we were awarded with the certificate of Guangdong Province Top 100 Manufacturing Firms and listed on 50 Shenzhen R&D Centers.
  • Service
  • We offer comprehensive project planning and evaluation service by applying the DIALux, CAD and the 3D software and referring to relevant IES parameters. Our professional software facilitates to formulate individualized solutions covering project planning, technical guidance, energy saving and the other information. Please contact our technical department for a personalized evaluation of your projects or replacement program of street lights. We offer project investigation, information collection, systematic scheme design